A GM- Chrysler LLC hookup?

There’s been a chorus of articles in the last few days about a potential merger/absorption/call it what you will between GM and Chrysler.  Just today, courtesy of NADA Headlines, we read:

DETROIT – Chrysler LLC Chief Executive Bob Nardelli said Thursday that a steep decline in U.S. auto sales has created an environment for industry consolidation, but he would not comment on reports that talks are accelerating for General Motors Corp. to acquire his company. “It certainly creates an environment for consolidation where you can get synergies of productivity that will allow you to be more competitive, not only here in the U.S. market, but on a global basis,” he said. The Wall Street Journal reported on its Web site Thursday night that potential lenders are eager to see the deal finished, and that GM wants it done as early as the end of October. GM is trying to raise additional capital as it faces potentially huge losses when it reports third-quarter earnings in the coming weeks.
Associated Press

…….we’ll see what happens!



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