“Thinking (which really means SELLING…) Green!”

As I reflect back on what I’ve noticed in the advertising world recently, there’s not a bush you can shake a stick at that isn’t advertising how “green” it is.  Cars.  Yogurt.  Homes. Cleaning fluids.  Charcoal briquettes (!).  Heck, even as a former pilot, I read Flying Magazine, and Gulfstream is advertising “green” G-Vs!  Think about that….it carries 41,300 pounds of Jet A and they’re ‘thinking green’!

Even rental car companies are offering carbon offsets, advertising the ecological merits of GPS units so you “save gas by not getting lost”, and all sorts of other stuff.

Below is a good article about the “selling of green”.  Do I detect a bandwagon we can all jump on?


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