A new definition of a “cheap” car!

Do you think $15,000.00 or so for a used car is “cheap”?

Read on about the Tata Nano, now on sale in India…


Interesting thing about the Tata Company….they are involved in many businesses, from tea to TV.  They also own Jaguar (which has its own set of problems…), and when the CEO of Tata bought the company, the first thing he did was get on his plane and visit a (relatively) enormous number of dealers, many in the US.  A Michigan-based Jag dealer was quoted as saying (and I’m paraphrasing here…) something like:  “….here we are, less than 20 miles from Ford HQ.  I never, never got a visit from anybody with stripes from Ford in all the time they’ve owned the brand.  Here we are sold to a company, and a guy, that’s 5,000 miles away, and he spends the first two weeks visiting and listening to dealers around the world.  Go figure…”.

Yep, go figure.

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