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A quick tutorial on how rental fleets buy/sell cars: You might already know this, but right after Labor Day, particularly in the midwest, the car rental business really slows down. So, car rental companies need to defleet units to match the fall in demand. At the same time, new model year units, which were ordered by rental companies back in the summer, are starting to hit the ground, this year as 2012 models.

So, what you have is the annual ‘perfect storm’ of the rental business…business falls off, thus cars need to be sold out of fleet; lots of used cars coming off rent, filling ‘sale’ lots; and brand new model year units are starting to be delivered.

If all this is confusing, and you (either as a used car manager, or a journalist writing about the industry…) need a ‘tour guide’ to show the way to leverage this to your inventory advantage, call us here at VRCG, Inc. and we’ll help show you the way!

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