The VRCG business model is pretty simple, and it has two sides.

First, we buy cars—usually in bulk, but smaller deals also receive our full attention—from rental car companies around the nation. We then resell those cars, usually in smaller lots, to mostly new car dealers for their used car lots. Simply put we keep your used car lot full of cars to sell.

Second, the flip-side of the coin has us source used units for rental companies for use in their fleets. For rental companies, selling used cars is a core competency. For auto dealers and rental companies, buying used cars is also a key element of what they do.

Fleet Sales

Our value proposition comes from keeping very close track of “where the cars are,” then delivering those units—freight included—to our clients. We specialize in this and work full time at knowing where the cars are, how to get them in bulk, and deliver them on time to their destinations with the least amount of inconvenience for our client base.

A Mitsubishi Fleet Dealer

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