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Not really car related…

….but this piece from a hedge fund manager in Connecticut does address why a Chrysler bondholder should be “mad as hell”. Please, take the time to read this! Unafraid In Greenwich Connecticut Clifford S. AsnessManaging and Founding PrincipalAQR Capital Management, LLC The President has just harshly castigated hedge fund managers for being unwilling to take […]

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Pretty well written summary of Washington getting involved in the car biz…

This is very well put, and succinctly defines (from one view point…) how an absence of energy policies indirectly (and last summer, directly…) helped put the domestic manufacturers’ between a rock and a hard place.

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Back on August 6, 2008….I first uttered the “B Word” about a manufacturer…

….and now it looks like reality is now upon us. Fabled companies like Chrysler and GM look like they’ll be lining up in bankruptcy court fairly soon. What was unthinkable even 18 months ago looks inevitable now. Reminds me of an old Doobie Brothers phrase, “What once were vices are now habits”. Read on:

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New, wonderful government plan for the US Auto Industry!

The US Government has done a wonderful job, long term, with Social Security, entitlement programs, the banking industry, the home lending industry, agricultural safety programs (thrown out your peanut butter recently?), fuel savings programs (remember the 55 MPH speed limit?  It’ll be back soon, along with traffic cameras to capture you more efficiently…), AMTRAK (don’t […]

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A new definition of a “cheap” car!

Do you think $15,000.00 or so for a used car is “cheap”? Read on about the Tata Nano, now on sale in India…,8599,1887070,00.html Interesting thing about the Tata Company….they are involved in many businesses, from tea to TV.  They also own Jaguar (which has its own set of problems…), and when the CEO of […]

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“Right Out of the Box” Electric Car

I live in the Detroit area, and I’ve been hearing about the Chevy Volt for a couple of years.  Never seen one yet, though.  I’ve also been hearing and reading about the new Chevy Camaro for getting on four years now, and they are just now showing up in dealers around town….it takes four years […]

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Supplier Help

Little recognized in all this auto manufacturer mess is the huge underlying role, and now shaky foundation, that the supplier base has for the auto industry in the United States. It doesn’t matter if the manufacturer is “domestic” or “foreign” (whatever that really means any more…) – if the supplier base starts to fail, there […]

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Some Good GM News!

Personally, I’d rather see “GM Sales Skyrocket”, or, “GM To Announce New Hybrid Available for Sale on Friday”, or even “GM to Announce Stock Buyback”, but, in the absence of news like that, you can read about some “little pinky” good news….

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