Sergio Marchionne- Dies at 66

Some CEO merely mind the store and are overly cautious to endeavor into new, bold, out of the box areas.  Sergio Marchionne was not one of those leaders.

Being a Detroit based auto company and growing up in Detroit, I have watched many CEO’s do nothing as the storm clouds approach and hope for the best.  Countless leaders have come and gone and have simply “kicked the can” down the road for some others to deal with later.

Sergio Marchionne was different.  He had a total passion for the auto business and demonstrated it by the projects he championed.  He brought back the Viper, redefined Dodge as a performance line and maximized Jeep’s potential. Born in Italy, it was uncanny how he understood and embraced the rich history of Chrysler.  He reintroduced America to the Dodge Brothers through clever TV ads and brought back the “Hemi”.  He was a “car guy”.

Amongst his accomplishments was his ability to make FAC profitable.  Not an easy task and one that was done under intense scrutiny and at time of unprecedented turmoil in the industry.  But when it came to Sergio, the man, the critiques were far and few in-between. Very uncommon in today’s environment.

Dave Arney

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