We buy and sell fleet cars.

Are you looking to stock your used car lot with off-rent or off-lease cars? Are you looking for an alternative to national or local vehicle auctions? Do you need a continuous stream of wholesale used cars, or just concerned with stocking my used car lot? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you’re exactly where you need to be.

Welcome to VRCG. Our mission is to help make auto dealerships and rental car companies more efficient
and profitable.

We sell vehicles to successful dealers for their used car lots all around the nation. How? By leveraging our ability to source cars “upstream” in used auto fleets and committing to them while they’re still being rented or on lease. We then benefit you by buying used rental car fleets in large volume and delivering them at market prices, wherever and whenever you need them.

If you’re a rental car, fleet, or lease company, we can become a valuable part of your vehicle re-marketing and fleet disposal plan.  We can speed up your cash flow by helping you avoid expensive downtime between when you decide to sell a unit and the time it takes to get your money.

VRCG. We move cars!

We sell used cars.

We sell cars to successful dealers all around the nation, leveraging our ability to source cars "upstream" in fleets.

Used Rental Car Fleet Sales

We buy used fleet cars.

If you are a rental car, fleet, or lease company, find out how we can become part of your fleet disposal plan.

Used Car Remarketing

We consult about car sales.

We've consulted with a number of newspapers, columnists, business writers and companies all over the world.

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