VRCG knows all about the business of stocking your used car lot with inventory from turn-in and off-lease vehicles.  We also know the ins and outs of the industry at large. This is why our professionals will be sharing their insights with you over the coming months utilizing the VRCG blog.  Check back frequently, share your thoughts and ideas, and please tell us if there’s anything you’d like to know more about.

Two Items for Monday, January 14 ’08

First, please take a look at our new inventory sheet…we’ve run across lots of great new cars.  Call your Account Exec for more info! Secondly, the big North American International Auto Show is now up and running, and this week […]

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Getting ready for Spring?

Please note we’ve updated our inventory mid-morning today, and for the first time in a while we’ve found some nice convertible units for the buyer who needs to get ‘out front’ on stocking up for Spring inventory.  We have some […]

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Interesting forecast from Manheim’s Tom Webb

This excellent article appeared in Auto Remarketing Today – it cites Manheim’s Tom Webb with some good insight into economic news that will impact the remarketing business in 2008.   Read it here at   http://www.autoremarketing.com/ar/news/story.html?id=7252

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New Inventory Added!

Please note we’ve updated our available inventory…click on “inventory” in the upper right hand corner of this blog to view.   If you have questions, either call your personal account manager, or ring us at 248-298-2903 in inquire about what […]

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