Simply put, vehicle remarketing is the business, art and science of selling used cars. We stock your used car lot. It’s also the controlled disposal of fleet and rental vehicles that have come to the end of their term. Individual buyers use their vehicle for a few years, trade it in or sell it off. That works fine for a single car over an extended period of time, but how does a company that buys hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of vehicles annually dispose of their inventory?

Large fleet operators, whether they’re in the commercial or rental car market, carefully plan their purchases, how long they’ll operate their units, and then how to dispose of them. It’s a complicated inventory-heavy business model that requires a number of “moving parts” to come together in order to both serve customers and make a profit.

Vehicle Remarketing

VRCG occupies a small, but very important part of how these companies dispose of their off-rent and off-lease cars. The hallmark of any well-run fleet or rental company is the fact that they’re not married to any one particular way of reducing their inventory. Auctions like Manheim, ADESA and ABC are some of the most popular methods these companies use, but there are alternatives, like dealer direct, a smattering of retail sales, sales to wholesalers, and even sales to smaller rental companies.

We are a nationally recognized fleet remarketing company that has bought cars in, and sold cars to, dealers throughout the continental United States. We go out of our way to make it easy for you to do business with us.  We react to opportunities quickly and pride ourselves on fast decision-making. It’s this national experience and scope that allows VRCG to provide value to both sellers and buyers alike.

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