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Free upgrade at the car-rental counter? No thanks

Chicago Tribune July 27, 2008 Back in the good old days of getting 12 miles to the gallon without care, a free upgrade at the car-rental counter was great news. With nothing but good fortune on your side, all the compact or economy cars would be gone and—voila!—that diminutive Chevy Cobalt became a hulking Chevy […]

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Follow the Smart Money

It’s very obvious to me (and my banker…) that I don’t hang in circles like this, but…did you see that Bill Gates increased his stake in AutoNation to 5+%?  And that Eddie Lampert, the guy who made so much money on Sears/KMart, already owns almost 40% Hmmm, what do they know that I don’t? Here’s the […]

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Gas Prices….A Challenge

As I add to this blog, I look back historically and see “….hmmm, I wonder what was on my mind way back ___ when I wrote that?” and certainly this “gas crisis” came up fast.  Heck, I was writing about Challengers and Ferraris no too long ago. So, today, there’s an experiment starting.  Below is […]

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Well done WSJ article

Today’s Wall Street Journal has a very pragmatic, “on point” article about what Detroit (or any car maker, for that matter…) should be building Especially on point is the following note:  “…They first need to regain relevancy with their customer base – people who like larger vehicles, who have families and who need to […]

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Another round of articles about GM & Ford

Just a few days ago I pointed out a couple of articles on home-town companies Ford and GM…both containing some bad news. Here’s another set today… As an aside, I’ve been a fan of Alex Taylor’s writing about the auto industry for many years, and he most often “gets it right”.  This thoughts […]

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“Thinking (which really means SELLING…) Green!”

As I reflect back on what I’ve noticed in the advertising world recently, there’s not a bush you can shake a stick at that isn’t advertising how “green” it is.  Cars.  Yogurt.  Homes. Cleaning fluids.  Charcoal briquettes (!).  Heck, even as a former pilot, I read Flying Magazine, and Gulfstream is advertising “green” G-Vs!  Think about that….it […]

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Car Rental Agencies Using Add-Ons to Lift Returns

New York Times: June 24, 2008 While a lot of attention has been paid in recent weeks to the fees that struggling airlines are adding to ticket prices, car rental companies have been quietly doing the same thing. Industry analysts say the cost of various optional, but heavily promoted, services like navigation units and fuel […]

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It ain’t no Escalade!

Is this the future of the SUV in the US? Quirky, yep…….and we’ll see if it gains a ‘cult following’ like the Element or the Scion Box…

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GM and Ford articles

You all know I’m a “home town cheerleader” about GM, Ford and Chrysler.  How bad could the business get for GM?  Read here…   …and at the same time, the article above speaks to the issue of what the “floor value” of a share of GM stock might be…which leads us to …  […]

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