DAV Campaign

We are proud to have raised $11,500 for this very important charity that helps thousands of disabled veterans each year. Thank you to our employees, customers and the DAV for making this campaign a success.

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Sergio Marchionne- Dies at 66

Some CEO merely mind the store and are overly cautious to endeavor into new, bold, out of the box areas.  Sergio Marchionne was not one of those leaders. Being a Detroit based auto company and growing up in Detroit, I have watched many CEO’s do nothing as the storm clouds approach and hope for the […]

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Do You Have Inexpensive Cars to Sell

Do you have a 45 day supply of fuel efficient, inexpensive cars on your lot?   We have been getting a lot of request for fuel efficient, inexpensive (under $10K) cars from our customers.  Fuel prices are up on average to $2.87 per gallon with prices exceeding $3.30 in many states.  Rental and fleet companies […]

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Here Comes Summer – Are You Ready

For many of us in the Midwest, Summer is a welcomed time to get outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. For those who are in the car biz and Rental Car Biz it’s a busy time. Taking advantage of the summer season can make or break your year. Inventory becomes a little scarce around this […]

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