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10 Reasons Dealers Buy From Us

Black cars lined up

We will help stock your used car lot with vehicles that will lift your profits! Tired of paying big auction fees when you purchase units for your used car lot? Most dealers use rental cars to stock their used car lots. Has your local auction dried up with these cars? How much time does it […]

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Bulk Used Cars for Sale

A quick tutorial on how rental fleets buy/sell cars: You might already know this, but right after Labor Day, particularly in the midwest, the car rental business really slows down. So, car rental companies need to defleet units to match the fall in demand. At the same time, new model year units, which were ordered […]

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Finding blocks of used cars

A good used car manager knows what’s going on in their market generally within 100-150 miles. But, if you are a used car manager or dealership owner that needs vehicles for stock, but your area is just screaming hot with high prices, what do you do? Your local rental car company might not be in […]

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Finding Used Cars in Bulk

I watch the automotive news pretty closely every day, and this article here puts the “tight supply” issues in pretty crisp terms: Click here to view the article VRCG, Inc. spends all day swimming around in the rental -and – lease inventory pool, and even we find the market challenging.  That’s great for rental companies […]

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Buying Used Rental Cars

Just today there’s another article about Manheim scaling back their bricks and mortar footprint: Manheim Merges Some Auctions Together as It Repositions Business to Current Market Needs …although Manheim is a fine company and provides a great service for many companies, used car managers should consider going “upstream” for their used car stock needs. Calling […]

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Excellent article, but it leaves out a big, big point!

Tom Webb of Manheim Auctions is one of the most respected used car analysts in the nation, and he’s very much “on point” with his commentary here: Webb Believes Some Wholesale Volume Patterns Will Persist; Manheim Releases Enhanced Mobile Site …but, he leaves out a very big part of “how do I source units for […]

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An Outstanding Article

What lessons can we all learn, as taxpayers, from the GM bankruptcy, which was one year ago today?  What parallels can one draw from the GM fiasco vs. what’s happening with units of government in the U.S., from your local township to Washington, D.C.? Read on for a pretty interesting take: Let’s hope we […]

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More “help” from Washington

Now the Federal Government wants to legislate how dealers get retail buyers financed.  Lord help us all, they have such attention to detail on other things like Fannie, Freddie, etc. It’ll be funny (or shameful…) to see where we are as an industry 12, 24 and 36 months from now.    

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10 reasons dealers buy from us.

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