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Race Car Update!

It’s snowing here, but, at least we can THINK of spring coming soon! Please click below to read a nice little article about the drag car we sponsor….

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Some Good News

Looks like Ford is the first domestic auto company to really nail down a health care deal. Let’s hope there’s more good news in the offing!

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Supplier Relationships

An interesting read on how the downturn has negatively impacted the decades-old symbiotic relationship between auto manufacturers and their supplier base. Read on:

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A Ten Million Unit Year?

Interesting article below about continued drop in new car sales, with some comments from our friends in the car rental world.  This summer, as Rich Broome from Hertz notes, should be interesting.

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Ripple Effects

Good article here about how deep ties into the general economy the auto manufacturing business reaches:

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A Sharp New Chrysler!

Even with all the gloom in the car business, the Detroit Auto Show goes on! CNN/Money has a good series of photos taken of new vehicles at the show, but the Chrysler 200C is especially cool…..

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A Little Momentum Starting to Roll?

Encouraging article about which domestic cars to buy….a bit of good news in a sea of somewhat dreary news…. Let’s hope 2009 starts off better than 2008 ended….although we are seeing signs of stirring among our rental car and auto dealer friends and partners. Happy New Year!   Mike and Gang

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A little levity….

Check out what an enterprising Prius owner did with his car during a snowstorm, and the ensuing blackout it caused…

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