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Advantage Rent A Car seeks bankruptcy protection

Express News December 2008 Advantage Rent A Car has filed for bankruptcy protection and has laid off about half of the staff at its San Antonio headquarters as part of a larger downsizing brought on by the nation’s ongoing economic crisis. The company filed a petition for reorganization under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy […]

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Hertz could target Dollar Thrifty after dust from auto restructuring settles

Merger Market December 2008 As the hurricane gripping US auto manufacturers threatens to flatten weaker car rental agencies, New Jersey-based Hertz Global Holdings (NYSE:HTZ) could emerge an acquirer, according to two industry lawyers, an industry banker and an industry analyst. Dollar Thrifty remains the only large logical target for Hertz, they added. All the sources […]

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The “Blame Game” in Washington – excellent editorial

The following is put about as well as any I’ve seen as the calls for “the heads” of the domestic auto companies’ CEOs start to build. Who has asked for “the heads” of the dunderheads who got this party going in the first place? Read on:

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More Spewing from Capital Hill

I took about 90 minutes today to listen the gas bag politicians grill three auto company CEOs about their business plan.  Too bad the CEOs didn’t get to grill the Senators about THEIR business plan, and how dysfuntional THEIR “companies” are. Sheeeesh…….. Along the way, CNN did a nice job of outlining how many direct […]

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Some comments about the auto industry from Mitch Albom – please read

I’m not really good with words, but I’m getting pissed at the unequal treatment the auto industry is getting from Washington.  Granted, the CEOs of GM, Ford and Chrysler did a poor job of articulating their problems, then compounded it with evasiveness (no, I wouldn’t do their job for $1.00 per year….why didn’t they just […]

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Total Candor from a Big Car Company

Please check out this (in parts very funny….) article about how Ford is re-thinking its Taurus product placement! You have to love a company that moves decisively to correct a mis-step!  Kudos to the Ford Motor Company and its leadership!!

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Two Items for Monday, January 14 ’08

First, please take a look at our new inventory sheet…we’ve run across lots of great new cars.  Call your Account Exec for more info! Secondly, the big North American International Auto Show is now up and running, and this week is Press Week.  The public is invited this coming Saturday, but, there will be lots […]

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