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A GM- Chrysler LLC hookup?

There’s been a chorus of articles in the last few days about a potential merger/absorption/call it what you will between GM and Chrysler.  Just today, courtesy of NADA Headlines, we read: DETROIT – Chrysler LLC Chief Executive Bob Nardelli said Thursday that a steep decline in U.S. auto sales has created an environment for industry […]

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What once were vices are now habits…

Three months ago we rarely read about the threat of bankruptcy in one of the Detroit-based Big Three.  But, just read the last couple of paragraphs of this article… …and not only does this article join many others in that “bankruptcy” chorus, but, it indeed speaks of a domino effect if one goes, the […]

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Crazy Financial Markets

This isn’t about the car business specifically, but the below article is well-written, provides good historical perspective on what’s been going on in the financial markets.  I hope you take a moment to take a breath, and read it.

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New Low for Production?

Being a home-town Detroit guy, it’s tough to see this headline… …but let’s just hope that the fledgling “recovery” we’re seeing this morning has a long run.  Most worrisome for us is the clamp down on lending that’s pervading the auto dealer world right now. Get that right, and the engine that drives much […]

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How is the Credit Crunch affecting auto dealers in the U.S.?

The stupid situation many many people have put us in (not just “Wall Street Bankers”, but the the idiot on my street that bought a house he couldn’t afford, the mortgage broker who found him a “nothing down” mortgage, the mortgage company who designed such a stupid plan, the re-bundlers of those mortgages that sold […]

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Article about the Domestic Auto Industry…ironic that it’s come out on GM’s Bday!

Today here in Detroit marks the 100th anniversary of GM being in business…congratulations, there’s not many companies, big OR small, that can make that claim.  Lehman Brothers could, until Sunday, and Merrill Lynch only missed it by about ten years, but that’s another story. Here’s an interesting article about the “perfect storm” the domestic three […]

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Good News on the Truck Front!

Thanks to Automotive News for the following info:   STUDY: USED TRUCK PRICES REBOUND: Falling gasoline prices helped boost wholesale prices of large used trucks in August, NADA AuctionNet data show. Average August wholesale prices of used full-sized pickups rose 7.7 percent — about $900 — from June 30, when gasoline prices peaked, according to […]

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Big-Three Loans Coming?

I can’t say it any better than this…..this whole subject of loans might provoke a whole range of reactions. Get ‘yer backgound here!

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Truck Deja Vu All Over Again?

Interesting article from USAToday here, about truck sales popping up a little bit. Looks like when gas dropped $.20 per gallon, interest in trucks spiked up.  Further, I wonder, month by month, what the pent-up demand is from the real users of trucks like plumbers and contractors (not like Suburban-Suburban-Moms, who don’t really need that […]

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Playing the numbers out, electric vs. gas cars ~ Interesting article

This article, although the author tried to “dumb it down” for readers like me, is a bit technical, but it does address the issue of “full life cycle” costs of an electric car vs. a gas-powered car. Excellent issue culled from Winding Road, and excellent online enthusiast magazine.  They got it from  Thanks to […]

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