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A Truly “New Chrysler”?

Here’s a very interesting spin on Chrysler from Mr. Jim Press.  It of course hurts to be smaller company, but better a smaller profitable company than a larger one with no money…. Courtesy of Bloomberg….

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Another “spin” on Hybrids….

This video has two spins on it.  First, if it’s just “saving money” you want, who would be nutty enough to spend an addtional $3000.00 on batteries to move your MPG from 50 to 100 in the backyard version of souping up your Prius?  Do the numbers on that and how many years would it […]

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Say it ain’t so!

Could this be an end to the Viper as we know it??

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Not exactly car related, but if the nation goes bust, who will buy cars?

There is a little move afoot to highlight the debt crisis that the United States is in, and we’d all be better off to pay attention to it…. Wouldn’t it be great if our “leaders” and potential leaders actually paid attention to the business aspect of running the nation?  If we ignore the numbers […]

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A “Detroit Special”…the Woodward Dream Cruise

All of us here at VRCG are car nuts.  But, if you want to really see car nuts, come to the Woodward Avenue area of Metro Detroit this weekend.  There’s sort of a “self organizing” cruise event that might attract as many as 1.5 million people as onlookers, and upwards of 100,000 classic cars, all […]

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GM Story?

Wow, if this account is true, could this be a world class version of “gee, I wish I would have done that…”

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US car-hire stuck in the slow lane

Financial Times : August 12, 2008 North America’s car-rental operators are being squeezed from all sides, and the pain is apparent in their financial performance, share prices and credit ratings. Downturns in the airline, hotel, financial services and vehicle manufacturing sectors have taken their toll. Hertz Global Holdings reported a 39 per cent drop in […]

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Domestic Bankruptcy??

Very, very disturbing. Some of the most fabled companies on the planet, reduced to possibly having to resort to bankruptcy…

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The Next Google?

This certainly isn’t car-related, but, it’s worth knowing about for anybody who follows any sort of tech, or uses a computer in any way! I don’t know about you folks, but there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t use Google multiple times.  I’ve been a Google-user for years before they even went […]

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How good can deals get on SUVs?

Here’s an interesting article on “good deals” in the used SUV world.   We’ve always said that “every car out there will get sold…it’s just a matter of price…” and this article seems to bear that out.

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